Evris law firm is actively developing with a high demand for business challenges.

Meetings with representatives of the agrarian sector of Ukraine gave us an opportunity to understand that the legal services of foreign economic activity are relevant in this market. According to official sources, exports of agricultural products from Ukraine in 2018 increased by 5% compared with 2017 and amounted to a record 18.8 billion dollars. The growth of export from Ukraine requires specialists who can provide proper documentary registration of trade operations and protect the rights of producers and traders.

That`s why our law firm decided to start providing specialized legal services in the field of foreign and international trade.

Services will be part of the banking and finance practice, the head of which is Sergii Papernyk. Recently an associate Andriy Zvyagin joined the team of specialists. For many years he has specialized in legal services for producers and trading companies engaged in the export and import of industrial and agricultural products.

International trade services cover a wide range of contractual relationships based on domestic law, international law, the laws of England and the United States, as well as Incoterms 2010, standard forms of contracts of foreign trade associations (such as GAFTA and FOSFA).

Our customers will be producers, agricultural holdings, trading companies, banks providing trade finance, trading brokers, insurance companies, surveyors, forwarding companies, transport companies.

Among our services:

  • Launch of agri-business financing programs using agrarian receipts and FCR (forwarders certificate of receipt)
  • Structuring foreign economic contracts, drafting contracts, analyzing and checking the terms of contracts
  • Formalizing internal business processes and developing compliance procedures
  • Certification of agricultural products for compliance with the requirements of environmental sustainability in accordance with the requirements of EU Directive 2009/28 / EC, certification of industrial products
  • Accreditation of exporters and individual grain silos for export of agricultural products to China
  • Trade finance
  • Effective use of standard terms of trade and forms of contracts (Incoterms 2010, GAFTA and FOSFA)
  • Further amendment of already concluded contracts
  • Legal support of transportation, issues related to letters of credit and actual receipt of payment for goods
  • Currency supervision and extension of deadlines for payments for export and import of goods
  • Termination of commercially unprofitable contracts and exemption from contractual obligations
  • Compensation of damages as a result of repudiation of the contract or its breach
  • Representation at pre-trial settlement of disputes between the parties
  • Representation in the resolution of disputes in GAFTA and FOSFA arbitrations.

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