If at the thought of “annual corporate income tax return for 2018″ you are already tired, but you still need to analyze whether the self-adjustment of prices/profitability within controlled transactions is needed, do not worry! We are glad to help you with transfer pricing issues quickly and painless for you.

We offer the following list of “drugs” from night-time changes at work:

  • oral and written consultations with clear recommendations regarding emerging TP issues,
  • analysis of the presence of controlled operations (CO) in 2018,
  • analysis of the correspondence of the incurred expenses / received income within the framework of the CO principle of «extended hand»,
  • analysis of the methodology for calculating the profitability indicator within the CO (algorithm of income/expenditure distribution);
  • analysis of the need for self-adjusting prices/profitability in CO,
  • analysis of the need to reflect the tax differences in accordance with paragraphs. 140.5.4. and 140.5.6. ТСU,
  • preparation of documentation from the TР in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

We remind you that in 2018 there were changes in the tax code regarding the TР in comparison with the rules of 2017, as well as during the year changed the lists of non-residents, operations which are controlled for the purposes of the TР, so we must be very attentive in determining the controlled operations.
One of the most secure ways to deal with TР issues is to contact professionals with significant experience in the field right now. You will be calm and free of submitting corrective annual declarations related to TР problems.

We will be glad to assist you in these matters. More about tax services you can be found here.