The nationwide aim is to obtaine renewable energy share of 11% out of total energy generation by 2030 looks rather sad, contrasted with the world achievements. In order to achieve even such a rate in Ukraine, it is still necessary to take a lot of meaningful steps. Steps taken by the state, producers, technical, financial and legal advisers.

Options for further industry development were discussed during Legal Energy Day, which Evris team participated in.

As the company’s speaker, Head of Banking and Finance, Head of FinTech Sergiy Papernik noted, the industry is none the less progressing: new contracts from Energorynok, simplification of Ukrenergo’s installation procedures, BRDO’s reform of energy sector and 6% per annum in euro from UkrGasBank.

It is pleasant to feel ourselves part of the process that is important not only for energy sector of Ukraine but for the whole world. Indeed, Evris law firm, for its part, already provides the market with its own product – high quality and professional legal expertise, including focus on energy resources and infrastructure.