More than 1,500 guests attended the IV Kyiv International Economic Forum – local and foreign businessmen, Ukrainian politicians, prominent economists, most famous experts and scholars. Business delegations from more than 20 countries worldwide joined the discussion of Ukrainian and global trends, were looking for solutions to problems and sharing their own vision of the future of Ukrainian and world economy.  Ihor Kravtsov, Head of Dispute Resolution, Evris, also participated in this event and shares his impressions:

“One of the most ambitious business events of the year was marked by innovations issue. Nearly one third of participants were speaking about innovations. Personally, I was really impressed by wide range of new technologies applications. It may have seemed that today conservative farmers are in contention for the champion in creation of digital tools that help to increase fertility, identify problems, optimize processes. Agriholdings create their own software, which are likely to become an independent item of a modern agrarian company income, purchase drones to control situation on the fields, automate all possible processes. Let alone other spheres where IT fever is a new phenomenon that often has the upper hand. Modeling the future of legal service business, one can safely make a forecast of the law motion towards technology. For those lawyers who are smart, creative and talented enough at the ability to combine regulations and computer code, the future looks very bright and promising.”