Paris Fintech Forum 2018 gathered more than 2,500 participants from 45 countries worldwide with one simple purpose – to talk about FinTech. For all these people, it was a fair reason to cover in some cases thousands of kilometers. After all, they know well how close revolutionary changes of the financial system paradigms are.

We at Evris could not miss an opportunity to attend this event, as we have been actively developing legal services for FinTech sphere already for a long time. Sergii Papernyk, Head of FinTech, is convinced that financial law should keep step with progress and adaptively follow the public domain of fintech innovators. Both legal and business consultants should keep this pace.

That’s why, having no doubts, we went to Paris Fintech Forum 2018 – to learn about the latest achievements, get acquainted with specialists, establish contacts and invite investors to Ukraine.

The world is changing right in front of our eyes. Let’s help it together!