What are your associations with the number 500? We now have one – and a very important one –  it’s how many students were registered and participated in the Legal HR Fair.

The largest fair of legal vacancies was held on November 24 at the Ukrainian House at the initiative of the UBA Students’ League. Since we are always ready to support talented youth, our company has been an exclusive partner of the event.

Charisma, ambitions and, topmost, talent – this is what distinguishes students of our times. And it really was very pleasant for us to get acquainted with the future “sharks” of the legal market, with rising high-quality specialists.

Head of HR Irina Chegrintseva shares her professional impressions:

“Students of the first and second year, despite their young age and the beginning of a very difficult educational path, are already thinking about where they will be doing an internship and where they want to work in the future. Now they know, “how to choose and how we are chosen” – this was the topic of my master class. I would like to remark – it was quite active, thanks to great feedback from the students, who willingly participated in the discussion, asked questions, offered interesting solutions.”

The agenda was diverse and interesting, and colleagues from leading law firms shared with the youth valuable practical information that you will not find in the textbooks. It’s really great – to gather a lot of potential employers and professionals to-be at one place, it is very important to feel the demand to be able to make a proper offer. For us, it is a competitive advantage – to offer decent working conditions and growth, to be in a trend and even to set this trend. This is especially important in the millennials’ era – time of youth distinguished by its type of thinking and high competencies, proactive life position and talent. Olena Lazareva, Head of BD and PR, spoke about this during Public talks section.

“The competition of tomorrow shifts from the biggest ones to the most agile ones. We are entering an interesting period of alternation of generations in business life, in the legal sphere as well, when ignoring the needs and targets of the younger generation becomes dangerous for business. According to various studies, from 1/3 to 60% of the labor force by 2025 will be made up of representatives of millennials generation with a completely different set of values ​​and priorities. And if today we teach them what and how much they should know in order to succeed in the profession – tomorrow they will tell us what we should become to be interesting for them to develop business rather than seek to realize their talents in more adaptable companies or in their own startups. The new generation is focused on comprehensive personal development, not just obtaining of professional knowledge. We can help them in this, but first we should give them the feeling that a person with unique set of skills which we can help turn into talents, is most valuable for us.

Talent is important. And people with cultivated talents will drive business further. The question is whether this will be our business or of someone else.”

We believe that Legal HR Fair will mean a fantastic start of a brilliant career.

Hope to see you at Legal HR Fair next year!