When financial leaders gather for a field-oriented event, the projection screen is filled with lots of figures and diagrams, and unusual for lawyers’ ears words, such as “efficiency”, “marginality” and “budgeting”, are heard everywhere. But at such events as II Annual Financial Leaders Forum, not only financiers share their experiences and provide useful recommendations, – those lawyers who specialize in providing services for banking and financial sector, are also present there.

The presentation made by Sergii Papernyk, Head of Banking and Finance at Evris, was of great success since our expertise allows us to speak with such a respectable audience in the language of finance, and with figures we can more clearly demonstrate our advantages for this sector.

Sergii Papernyk:
“It is very satisfactory when data and figures of your own presentation are attracting general attention. However, this is not surprising since the benefits of a financial restructuring procedure can easily be presented in numerical way. My presentation was a vivid illustration of the fact that benefits of applying new Financial restructuring Act are obvious to both banks and their clients. Our company’s clients whom we provide legal support for such a procedure, have already taken advantage of these benefits.”

Details of tax disputes featuring foreign elements were presented by Andrii Reun, Head of tax, while Ihor Kravtsov, Head of Dispute Resolution, was speaking about Crop Receipts as a new financial instrument for agribusiness.