Successful projects in the energy area could be ensured within the expertise in corporate, investment, commercial, administrative, contract and land law as well as in the specific energy regulations unified with practical experience, understanding of market framework and effective communications with market stakeholders.

We combine knowledge and practical experience by EVRIS associates to create the team assisting our clients in project development, investment attraction and day-to-day energy markets activities.


  1. Legal advice on project development and investment attraction
  • development of the legal algorithm for the project – for the clear understanding for the clear understanding of the project’s stages, timeline and risks;
  • creation of the corporate structure of the project for effective attraction and protection of the investments;
  • legal support of the land title acquisition;
  • legal due diligence of the project for identification of the opportunities and for investments and project implementation;
  • legal support of the M&A and investment deals.
  1. Legal support for alternative energy projects
  • legal advice on the matters of construction of power plants and other electric facilities;
  • legal support in:
  • obtaining construction permits;
  • drafting, negotiation and execution of the contracts, necessary for the construction and operations of the power plants: EPC, equipment supplies, engineering, O&M etc.;
  • the regulatory component of the project: licensing, “feed-in” tariff designation etc.;
  • execution of the contract for the sale-purchase of electricity under the “feed-in” tariff;
  • day-to-day legal advice on the matters of the sale-purchase of electricity under the “feed-in” tariff.
  1. Legal support of electricity market activities
  • legal advice on the matters of electricity market activities and electricity purchases;
  • preparation of the electricity supplier for the electricity market activity;
  • legal support of the licensing and other regulatory procedures.
  • drafting, legal analysis and negotiations of the electricity sale-purchase contracts. 
  1. Protection of interests in the electricity market and dispute resolution
  • development of the legal strategy for the protection of company’s interests at the competitive electricity market;
  • protection of the electricity market stakeholder’s interests within the state authorities including AMCU and NEURC;
  • representation of the electricity market stakeholders within the regulatory rulemaking procedures;
  • judicial protection in the alternative energy and electricity market.


Ivan Bondarchuk

Head of Energy
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