Energy and Infrastructure

Our services:

  1. Legal support in obtaining of licenses and permits
  2. Legal support for assignment of land lots and obtaining of construction permits
  3. Development of financing schemes and legal support of investment agreements
  4. Legal support of conclusion of loan and security agreements
  5. Optimization of taxation and tax advice
  6. Corporate structuring
  7. Legal defense on antimonopoly legislation issues
  8. Interaction with regulatory authorities
  9. Legal defense of the interests of companies in the field of alternative energy


Sergiy Benedysiuk

Head of Corporate and M&A
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Sergii Papernyk

Head of Banking & Finance
Head of FinTech
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Anastasiia Poppel

Senior Associate
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ARTICLE: Private Equity in Ukraine


Private equity (hereinafter "PE") is important for growing and strengthening Ukrainian businesses in all industry sectors. However, the PE market is still in the recovery mode is the recovery mode after the crisis of 2008 [...]

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