Banking & Finance

Having in-depth understanding of local and international finance and different markets, Evris offers comprehensive, innovative and practical legal solutions that will work for your benefit.
Whether you need to get a professional opinion on financial transactions, restructuring or establishing a financial institution, we can provide you with the following services:

Legal expertise on financing

  • Due diligence
  • Legal expertise in bank lending. Syndicated bank facilities
  • Support for collateral transactions – guarantee, pledge, mortgage, bank guarantee
  • Project finance
  • Legal support for investment transactions

Legal assistance in real estate transactions

  • Financing of housing construction (FSF, investment funds, bonds)
  • Support of transactions of purchase and sale of commercial real estate
  • Legal analysis of construction and permits
  • Advice on land acquisition

Advising a market for non-performing loans

  • Legal analysis of NPL portfolios prior to their purchase
  • Development of ways to transfer creditor’s rights. Factoring and assignment agreements
  • Debt settlement for NPL

Legal advice on financial restructuring

  • An independent report on financial and economic activities
  • Legal support of procedure of financial restructuring
  • Drafting and review of documents for financial restructuring
  • Representation of clients’ interests during the procedure of financial restructuring

Legal support of operations of capital market and stock market

  • Issuance of domestic and international bonds. Placement of Eurobonds
  • Securitization of loan portfolio
  • Legal advice on treatment of derivatives

Establishment of financial companies

  • Legal support of establishment of the Bank, other financial companies
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector
  • Obtaining of banking license
  • Complex legal consulting on financial law issues

Support for financial operations

  • A license of the NBU, National commission to provide certain financial transactions
  • Legal opinion on currency legislation
  • Legal expertise of transactions in the insurance industry
  • Legal advice of transactions of financial leasing
  • Trade and export Finance (letters of credit, notes, forfaiting, etc.)
  • Dispute resolution in financial law

International trade and foreign economic activity

  • Launch of agri-business financing programs using agrarian receipts and FCR (forwarders certificate of receipt)
  • Structuring foreign economic contracts, drafting contracts, analyzing and checking the terms of contracts
  • Formalizing internal business processes and developing compliance procedures
  • Certification of agricultural products for compliance with the requirements of environmental sustainability in accordance with the requirements of EU Directive 2009/28 / EC, certification of industrial products
  • Accreditation of exporters and individual grain silos for export of agricultural products to China
  • Trade finance
  • Effective use of standard terms of trade and forms of contracts (Incoterms 2010, GAFTA and FOSFA)
  • Further amendment of already concluded contracts
  • Legal support of transportation, issues related to letters of credit and actual receipt of payment for goods
  • Currency supervision and extension of deadlines for payments for export and import of goods
  • Termination of commercially unprofitable contracts and exemption from contractual obligations
  • Compensation of damages as a result of repudiation of the contract or its breach
  • Representation at pre-trial settlement of disputes between the parties
  • Representation in the resolution of disputes in GAFTA and FOSFA arbitrations

Support of fintech projects

  • Legal expertise on state regulation of the financial sector
  • Supporting negotiations with financial institutions
  • Legal expertise for payment systems
  • Legal support of ITO / ICO
  • Legal support for startups on Blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Support of the front-end, preparation of public offers, agreements, contracts
  • GDPR compliance
  • Preparation of internal policies of ITIL, ISO


Sergii Papernyk

Partner,  Head of Banking & Finance
Head of FinTech
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