Digest 9 E-Points #10

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9 E-points from Evris in July:
9 legislative novelties which business community should be aware of, to react in proper time.
9 points of interest from Evris lawyers who do their job in a talented and passionate way.
9 business and legal events worth attending, to get new ideas.
9 legislative novelties that will have impact on business in Ukraine
The matter of amendments
Whom it will affect
Banks, non-residents and residents (natural and legal persons), CMU, SSMCS and NС, which regulates financial services markets
Individuals and legal entities, bodies of state power and local self-government
NBU, banks and payment systems parties
Privatization subjects: state and local privatization authorities, buyers, investors and advisers
Existing LLCs, their members, investors
All citizens of Ukraine, but primarily to judges, candidates for judges, civil servants and persons committing corruption-related offences
Tourism, economy of Ukraine
Law enforcement agencies, courts, economy of Ukraine
9 points of interest from Evris
What comprehensive changes have occurred in the practice of banking sector protection from unconscientious borrowers – see review by Head of dispute resolution practice, Ihor Kravtsov. Read more in Ukrainian
What is needed for successful implementation of the Concept for development of digital economy of Ukraine and what hinders effective cooperation between the state and IT business – see the article by Andriy Dovbenko, managing partner, exclusively for “Yurydychna Gazeta”. Read more
How foreign creditors can reduce risks when financing projects in Ukraine and how to choose the most effective security option – Sergiy Benedysiuk, Head of corporate and M&A, shares his opinion with Emerging Europe readers. Read more
Financial technologies as such have originated in the United States of America; therefore, it is not surprising that Serhii Papernyk, Head of FinTech, started his market review and analysis of the legal framework for industry regulation from this country. Read more in Ukrainian
How the new system will make life easier for participants of litigation processes and how promising its future is in our country – associates comment for segodnya.ua publication. Read more in Ukrainian
Restructuring and Bankruptcy School was launched within the educational platform Legal High School. Two sessions of focused knowledge and advice from leading experts, legal practitioners, judges, economists. sign up for the course
Two days of detailed analysis of up-to-date practice in corporate disputes, discussion of judicial reforms, examples of disputes involving banks and tax authorities, lively discussions and exchange of best practices. Read more in Ukrainian
On June 22, regular TA Ventures iClub meetup gathered members of the private investors club. What was it about? About conquering world markets, about successful projects, about advantages of the “body legal guard” for business. Read more
On the Donor Day, we started #RedDropChallenge involving our employees, partners and friends. We plan to actively support Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery throughout the year – and to involve to our initiative as many socially responsible citizens as possible. learn more
9 forthcoming business events
Don’s miss the most important events of July and August! Here you will have an opportunity to communicate with Evris specialists on topics discussed during these meetings.
10 July
Kyiv ЕВА
11 July
12 July
Kyiv DataArt
12 July
Kyiv National ExpoCenter
20 July
Kyiv DTEK academy
23-28 July
Kyiv Leonardo business center
27 July
Odesa Economic Court of Appeal
31 July – 2 August
Kyiv Leonardo business center
6-7 August
Kyiv Leonardo business center
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