Kateryna Breduliak

Kateryna Breduliak   Kateryna Breduliak   Senior Associate K.Breduliak@evris.law   Senior Associate  Kateryna specializes in banking, corporate and commercial law, including litigation proceedings. She has more than 15 years of experience in various fields of law, including 10 years in the banking sector. She has extensive experience in credit [...]

Alexander Molotai

Alexander Molotai   Alexander Molotai Partner Head of Intellectual Property   A.Molotai@evris.law   Partner Head of Intellectual Property  Alexander has over fifteen years of practice in various aspects of intellectual property and unfair competition law. His experience embraces a wide range of issues related to intellectual property rights, [...]

Kyrylo Gostiev

Kyrylo Gostiev   Kyrylo Gostiev   Senior Associate K.Gostiev@evris.law   Senior Associate  Kyrylo specialises in corporate law and M&A, business structuring and private wealth issues. His experience includes advising on the acquisition and use of high-value assets, setting up business and investment structures, and immigration matters. Prior to [...]

Sergiy Donkov

Sergiy Donkov   Sergiy Donkov   Counsel S.Donkov@evris.law   Counsel   Sergiy has more than 20 years of experience as a solicitor in the solvency and bankruptcy spheres. He occupied senior positions at large state-owned enterprises, dealing with the issues of crisis management and restructuring of debt obligations. Since [...]

Anna Kremnova

Anna Kremnova   Anna Kremnova Senior Associate A.Kremnova@evris.law   Senior Associate  Anna has over 8 years of extensive legal experience and specializes in corporate law, M&A, antitrust, business structuring and legal due diligence. Prior to joining Evris Anna worked as a Senior Associate of Law Offices of OMP [...]

Anastasiia Poppel

Anastasiia Poppel Anastasiia Poppel Senior Associate A.Poppel@evris.law Senior Associate  Anastasiia has more than 11 years of experience in large companies specializing in telecommunications, banking and finance, solar energy, development, construction. Her experience includes alternative energy and telecommunications projects, commercial and banking law, corporate governance programs. In addition, she [...]

Maksym Zamikhovskiy

Maksym Zamikhovskiy Maksym Zamikhovskiy Senior Associate M.Zamikhovskiy@evris.law Senior Associate  Maksym is a do-all litigation lawyer with considerable experience in providing of legal support for complex and ramified projects in the field of credit relations, title to assets and equity rights, ensuring of the proper implementation of contractual obligations [...]

Oleksandr Krenets

Oleksandr Krenets Oleksandr Krenets Counsel / Attorney-at-Law O.Krenets@evris.law Counsel / Attorney-at-Law  Oleksandr’s specialization is litigation in banking, financial, commercial law, as well as bankruptcy.  He has more than 12-year experience in the field of law, 9 years of which - in the banking sector. Oleksandr is also an [...]

Kostiantyn Kurylchenko

Kostiantyn Kurylchenko Kostiantyn Kurylchenko Senior Associate K.Kurylchenko@evris.law Senior Associate  Kostiantyn has more than 5 years of successful legal experience. Within the course of practical activity, he gained considerable experience in the fields of contractual, commercial, corporate law, as well as intellectual property rights. Main focus of his activities [...]


Andriy Dovbenko Andriy Dovbenko Managing Partner a.dovbenko@evris.law Managing Partner Andriy is an experienced transactional and litigation lawyer practicing Corporate, Litigation, Tax, Real Estate and Banking and Finance law for over 12 years. Known for his strategic vision, talent for finding creative legal solutions, practical and reasonable approach, and deep feeling of legislative [...]