Ukraine has proved itself as a reliable and serious player in the global agricultural markets, taking leading positions as manufacturer and exporter of a number of goods. What to do in order not to lose their positions and to use competitive advantages in the agricultural sector, was discussed at the Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum – 2017.

The forum brought together all concerned key players – government officials, owners and top managers of leading agribusinesses, agrarian experts, analysts and heads of industry associations gathered here.

Volodymyr Nosik, Of Council, Land&Agro, was the first to ever raise the topic of agri-industrial complexes and presented the concept of this investment-attractive sector development.

During the session moderated by the Head of Corporate Practice and M&A Sergiy Benedysiuk, the question of lifting moratorium on the sale of agricultural land was perhaps one of the liveliest discussion.

Sergiy Benedysiuk comments:

“Everyone agreed that the moratorium should be removed, it hinders the development of agriculture, but opinions on how to do it, were divided – on the one hand, the viewpoint was expressed that it is necessary to conduct thorough preparation before the moratorium is removed, to prevent abuse, and this is the issue foe years. On the other hand, it is necessary to remove it as soon as possible, as it will not worse than now, brand new problems will arise, but positive changes will come with high probability.”