What can be called the biggest challenge for today’s business? Speed. What is inherent to high speed? High level of uncertainty and unpredictability. Are traditional conservative methods able to be main advisors in new conditions? Most probably not.

Then what can be called that very Х-factor which distinguishes outstanding business solutions and always comes in handy? Talent. Talent that is cultivated by time and experience in its sphere. It’s talent that is able to sense the right direction and create a new idea under volatile conditions.

And what if talent lies at the heart of everything that the company as the whole and each person individually are doing? Such a team is capable to become a partner for any business that requires new thinking and new answers.

Since the start of the year, we have been working on rebranding and reorganization of N&D, uniting bright and talented experts into a consolidated team, and now we are proud to announce a new brand of a full-service law firm – Evris!

Evris aims to become a new type law firm that would work under corporate principles of business process design, in contrast to classical consulting legal practice. Among main spheres of our activity are the following: litigation and arbitration, corporate and M&A, banking &, tax, FinTech, private clients practice, investments, energy sector and IT.

What do we read in Evris brand?

The idea of a talent as the main factor for creation of new ideas is the basis of our brand, which is required by unstable and unpredictable present. Clients who brought their talents to light in business, are expecting the best results from their partners which can be achieved when talented people who know their trade and are able to invent new solutions, unite into one team. New bright idea is associated with the word «eureka», which is behind the name Evris. Talent – idea – eureka – Evris!

We are gathered by talent and passion to what we do!