To promote achievements of our state is getting easier year by year. Indeed, we already have something to tell international community and to be proud of. It is especially easy to do that when you personally were involved into realization of such achievements and they are a partial implementation of your vision of a bright future.

During Ukrainian Banking Day forum, held in London on December 4th, our team once again presented our favorite financial restructuring procedure and related legal services, which together enable us to solve the problem of non-performing loans. But this time we were already able to show the first results of this institute.

Altogether, the aggregate debt of nearly $ 300 million has already been successfully restructured in just six months. And intellectual contribution of Evris Law firm is also present in this achievement.

However, we do not rest on our laurels. Speaking about the procedure, Head of Banking and finance Sergii Papernyk noted that in the near future our clients with hundreds of millions of debt would be ready to supplement this list.

Exactly this way, with optimism and in cooperation with the state institutions and business associations, we have succeeded in bringing confidence to Ukraine to the British community. And everyone at the forum liked our branded chocolates with Evris logo